The Master of Science in Engineering Management program is appropriate for a wide range of industrial and/or technically-focused individuals who have previously pursued a four-year degree in technology, business, engineering or science. It meets the needs of technical professionals who are looking for both an advanced degree and appropriate preparation for their natural progression into management-level positions. It also meets the needs of professionals who are on a technical, rather than managerial career track, as it will help them to be more effective in managing the integration of their technically-focused jobs with others in team-based environment. Our program particularly fits the needs of busy professionals who are working in business, industry and the military—who may be located anywhere in the world—by being available completely online, as well as on the EMU campus.

  • Quality
  • Lean enterprise systems 

Our engineering management program also functions as a primary area of specialization for students enrolled in the Ph.D. in Technology program at EMU. Many of the Ph.D. in Technology students are graduates of our EM program, and many of our EM graduates have achieved great professional success in their careers.

Program of Study (36 to 39 total credit hours)

The five concentration tracks of the program facilitate preparation for passing the examinations for the professional certifications noted above, and include:

  • Research and Development
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Project/Program Management
  • Lean Enterprise Systems
  • EMU Graduate Quality Certificate

The Research and Development track is a 36 credit hour program and requires the completion of a research-based formal development project or thesis. The Design and Manufacturing, Project/Program Management, Lean Enterprise Systems and Quality tracks are coursework-only, and are 39 credit hour programs.

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