What is Engineering Management?  Engineering management is a specialized field of management concerned with the engineering sector.  Reflecting industry demand for management-focused engineers, a growing number of specialized engineering management degrees are available to help develop the knowledge and skills needed for these roles.  During an engineering management course, students will develop systems and industrial engineering skills, knowledge and expertise, alongside knowledge of business and management techniques, strategies and concerns. 

The Master of Engineering Management degree combines the technical knowledge acquired via a systems engineering degree program with business skills gleaned from a Master's in Business Administration (MBA).  The ideal result is an engineer who produces technically creative ideas that promote a business's ultimate bottom line.  Technical management, financial engineering, engineering project management, and technical leadership and entrepreneurship are typical topics of study within a Master of Engineering Management degree program.  The career path of individuals pursuing a Master of Engineering Management degree is a rather fast track to executive management depending on the applied skill and ambition of the individual.  The degree is typically pursued by engineers or project managers who are seeking a competitive way to set themselves apart from their peers.  Engineers who earn the Master of Engineering Management degree have a greater understanding of the economic strategy and reasons for a business's technical decisions.  The courses contained within this degree program also teach business communications and negotiation skills; engineers who complete the program are able to effectively communicate their technical solutions to business problems.  Project managers who have earned technical undergraduate business degrees also gain engineering skills and an engineering framework for engineering solutions to business problems.