A Day in the Life of an EMU Cadet

Life of a Cadet

As a Cadet at Eastern Michigan University, you are encouraged to take part in normal college life and various extracurricular activities. We encompass all that is the University life while still preparing you to become an officer in the United States Army. Many Cadets are involved in sports, clubs, Greek life and a few have part time jobs.

Weekly Requirements

  • All Contracted Cadets wear their uniform one day a week, every Thursday for Leadership Labs.
  • Physical Training- Non-Contracted Cadets must attend physical training sessions, two days a week and Contracted Cadets must attend three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) from 0630-0730.
  • Leadership Lab: Thursday 1535-1735.

Summer Requirements

Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, KY between their Junior and Senior year for four weeks.

Graduation and Commissioning

Upon successful completion of a minimum of two years of Army ROTC, Advanced Camp and receipt of a Bachelor’s degree in any major, Cadets receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. Cadets are eligible to commission into the Active Duty Army, Reserve or National Guard.