Leadership Experiences in ROTC

Leadership in Action

Leadership is one of the primary skills that employers look for in college graduates.  Army ROTC goes beyond the theoretical learning that is offered in some majors by providing hundreds of hours of practical, hands-on leadership experiences. You will be ready to lead any team upon graduation in your chosen area of study rather than simply serving as a follower.  

Leadership Laboratory

In addition to what you learn in the classroom, you’ll also have the opportunity to apply that knowledge in Leadership Laboratory. During Lead Lab, you will be taught things like military drill and ceremonies and military customs and courtesies, as well as be given the opportunity to participate in leadership exercises. Lead Lab consists of a two-hour class held once per week and one-hour physical training sessions two times per week. 

Activities include:

  • Physical fitness assessments
  • Field Training Exercises
  • Leadership studies
  • Staff Rides