I am a Michigan certified teacher. What courses do I need to take to earn a GQ endorsement?

In general, you would be required to take the following classes. Please note that you can test out of BMMT courses. In addition, you can prepare a Prior Learning Assessment portfolio also for BMMT classes and up to nine credits.

You are not required to complete a teachable minor; however, applying for a Standard CTE Certificate is recommended.

The general program is listed below.

Business, Management, Marketing and Technology Endorsement

Standard CTE Certificate

If you have subject-related academic courses and work-related experience (4,000 hours from the past ten years), a student can earn a Standard CTE Certificate. Students who seek a GQ endorsement are required to enroll in BMMT251 and BMMT352. These two classes are a state requirement when seeking a Standard CTE Certificate. All hours must be verified by the BMMT Program Coordinator (or coordinator’s selected assignee) using designated documents (i.e., personal records, tax documents, Social Security records, etc.).

For more information on this program, visit our catalog page

I have an undergraduate degree from EMU (or another four-year institution). What do I need to complete to earn a teaching certificate?

You will need to complete the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education Program. Advising for this Program is done by the College of Education in coordination with the BMMT Program. For more information see Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education Program information.

Advising for the Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certificate is completed in conjunction with the College of Education’s Advising Office. Their phone number is 734.487.1416.