HPHP Facilities and Offices

  • Athletic Training Laboratories

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    The School provides a dedicated teaching and clinical laboratory space for modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation and other rehabilitation techniques, as well as a taping lab that allows students to practice their taping skills. In addition, the rehabilitation lab houses the equipment that enables the students to work with EMU athletes during their rehabilitation.
  • Exercise Physiology Laboratory

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    The School provides a dedicated teaching laboratory for instruction in exercise physiology, clinical exercise testing and cardiopulmonary physiology. It is equipped with instrumentation for things such as cardiac monitoring and graded exercise testing.
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics Technical Laboratory

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    The School provides a dedicated laboratory for the fabrication and adjustment of O&P devices and for research into technical procedures and applications. The lab has the capacity to fabricate orthoses and prostheses using technologies including both thermoforming and thermosetting polymers. There are 10 lab stations, four vacuum stations and two ovens. Various drills, grinders, band saws and a full complement of hand tools are available for student use.
  • Human Factors Dynamical Systems Laboratory

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    The motion capture laboratory is housed in a 1500 sq ft space and consists of eight Vicon MX-T40 cameras that can capture data at a rate of 300 frames per second at a full 4.0 mega pixel resolution. The cameras are integrated with two AMTI-OR6 force plates using Vicon Nexus software. In addition, Vicon Polygon and Bodybuilder software are also available. To date, this equipment has primarily been used to examine factors that contribute to whole-body global running acceleration profiles and running economy in competitive runners. In addition, in collaboration with the Running Injury Clinic at the University of Calgary and local physical therapists, injury profiles can be identified in currently injured runners or those prone to injury. Future work will involve using non-linear dynamics to categorize runners and discover performance and injury profiles that would be otherwise unidentifiable.
  • Youth Sport and Motor Performance Laboratory

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    The School provides a dedicated laboratory space for students to undertake physical conditioning and resistance training lab experience, to better understand youth sport injury mechanisms and develop specific injury intervention programs for sport, and to generate innovative exercise and activity programming for unique and/or underserved youth populations.
  • Rackham Building

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    The Rackham building is the home of the physician assistant program. In addition to a state-of-the-art classroom, the facility contains clinic skills laboratories, mock patient examination rooms, small debriefing/meeting rooms and a computer testing room.
  • Hospital Facilities

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    St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, a large local hospital located just miles from the EMU campus, has partnered with EMU's physician assistant program to develop a Human Cadaver Laboratory and a High Fidelity Simulation Center that will be mutually useful to both physician assistant students and health care professionals from various disciplines.
  • Office of Health Promotion

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    The Office of Health Promotion is an extension of the Health Education Program in the School of Health Promotion and Human Performance. The OHP provides experiential learning for students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in health education. The OHP strives to work cooperatively with a variety of departments and organizations on the EMU campus and in the Ypsilanti community, to conduct programs and research promoting health, wellness and human performance.


    The mission of the Office of Health Promotion is to provide opportunities for students and faculty to enhance the health and well-being of the EMU community and the surrounding area, through collaborative, interdisciplinary programming and research.


    To increase the overall health and wellness of members of the EMU campus and Ypsilanti community through educational, experiential teaching-learning opportunities.


    Dr. Jeff Schulz [email protected]

    257 Rackham Building Ypsilanti, MI 48197
    734.487.4985 | [email protected]

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