Professional Programs & Training digital credentials help workers, managers, professionals and those in career transition showcase a specific set of skills, competencies or experiences attained through the completion of professional courses and certificates at Eastern Michigan University. Whether you’re upskilling for a larger role in your current job or reskilling for a new career, Eastern Michigan University digital credentials can help you communicate your unique skills and competencies to potential employers and those in your professional network.


What are Credentials?

Digital badges visually represent your achievements and allow you to easily manage, verify and share them online. Digital badges provide employers concrete evidence of what you had to do to earn them and what you’re now capable of. They tell employers:

  • What you’ve done
  • Why it’s important
  • Who says it’s important

You can earn a digital badge for completion of a professional course or certificate program. Each digital badge references technical or subject-specific skills as well as general skills that can be transferred seamlessly across work environments and professions.

How do you earn Digital Credentials?

Eastern Michigan University students and working adults are eligible to earn digital credentials in participating programs. Follow this step-by-step guide for earning and using your digital credentials:

  1. Learn and earn

    Complete your selected program.

  2. Claim it

    Once you have earned your badge, you’ll receive a notification from Credly with instructions on how to set up your account then claim and share your digital badge.

  3. Share it

    Let potential employers know about your new credential by sharing it. You can share your badge directly to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, over email, and embed it in your digital resume, or in your email signature.

  4. Take the next step

    Now you have verified skills,, see what jobs you might be qualified for, which employers are hiring, salary ranges offered and more. From your Acclaim platform account, you can access labour market insights derived from live job advertisements, search active job listings and even apply for them.

Sample Badge

Why share your Digital Credentials?

Whether you are entering the job market for the first time, moving forward in your existing profession or making a career change, Eastern Michigan University digital credentials help you set yourself apart by representing valuable skills unique to your experiences in a way that is shareable and verifiable.

Eastern Michigan University digital credentials issued to you via Credly represent achievements valued by employers. They tell your professional story in a way that is complete and validated. An employer can click on your badge to view all the details of your achievement.

What Digital Credentials are available?

Eastern Michigan University digital credentials include digital badges for academic micro-credentials, continuing professional development courses and professional certificate programs.  Each design is unique to the achievement required to earn a badge.

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