Jordan Giles

As a donor to Eastern Michigan University, you help pave the way for many students to complete their degrees and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences along the way, but if you’re not sure how donor funds impact our students beyond graduation, meet Jordan Giles. As a scholarship recipient, an EMU cheerleader, a member of Mock Trial and Moot Court, a proud EMU graduate, and a future law student, Jordan feels the everlasting effects of donor support. 

Mock Trial and Moot Court are two academic teams that give students the opportunity to get their feet wet in the world of litigation and legal issues at the undergraduate level. Jordan explains her involvement in those teams as some of her most valuable experiences at Eastern. 

“They have allowed me to realize my full potential in the legal field. These experiences have put me leaps and bounds ahead of my peers and allowed me to gain meaningful knowledge in the rules of evidence and how to advocate for a client.” 

While part of the Mock Trial and Moot Court teams, Jordan traveled with her teammates to various tournaments across the country. Their impressive tournament performances against schools from across the nation are a testament to the hard work members of academic teams commit to their knowledge of the subject matter. Thanks to donor funding, they were able to stay overnight when necessary, without the fear of incurring hotel and food costs. 

Jordan came to EMU from Livonia in 2013, and in the fall of 2017, Jordan will attend one of the law schools to which she has been accepted and offered a full ride. “Mock Trial has helped me realize that I have the strong potential to be a litigator or work within criminal law,” Jordan said. “Mock Trial and Moot Court have certainly [provided] me the strong foundation necessary to start as an L1 in the fall.”