Molly Luempert-Coy Impact

Giving TRUEDAY is a day to give back. For many EMU alumni, donors, and friends, this is an opportunity to give back to the next generation of students. Molly Luempert-Coy, a proud EMU alumna and Chair of the EMU Foundation Board, thinks that this is the perfect opportunity to get involved for the good of our fine institution.

“This is a great chance to give back to the same University that gave so much to you,” Molly explained. “Whether you are an alumni or friend of EMU, we have a civic responsibility to give back to the next generation.”

On Giving TRUEDAY last year, Molly spearheaded efforts for the Student Emergency Fund and Swoop’s Food Pantry. These funds turned out to be crucial during the COVID-19 crisis, with applications to the Student Emergency Fund jumping from 4 applicants in February to 294 in March. 

“There are lots of choices on Giving Tuesday,” Molly said. “But EMU gave so much to me personally and helped me thrive as a businesswoman. EMU has empowered me, so I want to go back and empower student graduates. It’s a perfect fit to give back that day.”

Molly is also able to take advantage of her company’s, the DTE Foundation, matching gift opportunities. Many corporations offer these opportunities to employees making charitable contributions. By checking in with your workplace, you may have a chance to DOUBLE your impact! 

“The great thing about Giving TRUEDAY is that there is power in numbers,” Molly shared. “Even if you can only make a small gift, it truly does make a difference.”
Last year, over 900 donors came together in support of #GIVINGTRUEDAY. Now is your chance to make an impact! More than ever before, students need your support, and every gift made on #GIVINGTRUEDAY will have a direct impact on a student’s success. Visit our official website at to see all of your giving options.