Samantha Krakowiak

Eastern Michigan University is the complete package for many students looking to take the next steps in their education. For Samantha Krakowiak, a recipient of the Billie and Margie Baughman scholarship, EMU has it all — including the added ability to stay close to her family.

“Eastern has a lot of great scholarships that help students in need all of the time,” Samantha says. “Eastern also gives a lot of help for students who aren’t sure what they want to do with their future and guides them in that process.”

The Fall 2021 semester will mark the start of Samantha’s sophomore year. She is studying Elementary Education and coaching competitive and sideline cheerleading for Chelsea High School. As a Chelsea High School graduate and previous member of the Varsity cheerleading team, Samantha could not be more excited to be a coach.

The Billie and Margie Baughman scholarship has allowed Samantha to continue practicing and pursuing what she loves, without an increased amount of financial stress, especially after she lost a parent.

“I wanted to say thank you so very much for the endowed scholarship,” Samantha says. “This funding is going to help me so much.”

Samantha is beyond grateful for all of the opportunities that she can take advantage of at EMU. After seeing the generous individuals, presented to her by the EMU Foundation, she can now look at the world through a more optimistic lens.

“I would say that if someone is on edge about giving towards a scholarship, always think about how much you would be helping students succeed in their dreams, and how much it has helped me,” Samantha says. “...Having a parent pass away, it has opened my eyes on how much people are willing to help.”

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