Staff Spotlight: Janice Franklin and Tammie Cach Abdu

Janice Franklin

Give us a brief overview of yourself and your job title:

My job title is the Senior Information Systems Data Specialist Ann Arbor is my hometown, my mother's side of the family settled here in the mid-1800s. Like many who are drawn to the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area, I truly appreciate it's scenery along the Huron River, the winding drives along the river, and the way it brings these two cities together. I love working with children and youth, finding myself drawn to volunteering and working with them in various ways. It's always neat to hear their perspective and so very rewarding to see them accomplish their goals. Besides volunteering with youth, I enjoy playing the piano, early morning walks and reflection, diy projects (especially researching them on YouTube), sharing just about anything I have with anyone, listening and nurturing my family and friends, and of course, giving to others!

How has your work/life changed now that we are working remotely:

It has made me appreciate working in the office a lot more than I thought because there is a designated workspace. Like many others, I find it challenging to establish a work life balance because my home is my work, but there are perks: occasionally working in pjs, snacks, and cats napping in my lap.

What is your favorite part about your job

Just about anything in working with data. Programming and formatting it is really FUN. When it comes to data, it can be similar to a mystery that I need to solve. It is very satisfying when I figure it out.

Tammie Cach Abdu

Give us a brief overview of yourself and your job title

I have been working for EMU in some capacity since my freshman year of college. I started out in food service and moved to Gifts & Records before it was the Foundation. I worked in the basement of Welch and was part of the move off campus to work in the Garden Level of what is now the Kellogg Eye institute. Then we moved to the Foundation Building and finally back to campus on the 4th floor of McKenny. I started as a student worker and have moved up into the position of Senior Data Information Specialist. My time with the Foundation has seen me graduate from the University, purchase my own home, get married and have a baby. As one of the Senior Data Information Specialists in the Foundation I compile lists and reports of our Alumni and Donors for various departments for outreach events and informative newsletters.

How has your work/life changed now that we are working remotely

Since working from home I can now say I officially own more leggings than I do "real pants." I enjoy working outside in the sunshine and taking brief walks with my husband and dog during lunch. I appreciate the University putting our well being first.

What is your favorite part about your job

I love seeing the impact my reporting has on the students. To know that I was a part of bringing in funding for their needs is very rewarding.

Can you share a little bit about your "day in the life"?

I start my day with a hot tea as I read my emails. I print out and log any requests that have come in since the day before. I also respond to questions about data I have supplied to various departments. Sometimes I have meetings with my manager; my advancement team member or Foundation leaders. I spend the day generating reports and mailing lists and calling/texting with my co-worker when my brain has a "senior moment''. I do miss lunch out with my team members, we have some very good times together.