Christopher A. Gellasch

A photo of Christopher Gellasch

Associate Professor of Hydrogeology, Hydrology and Environmental Science

Geography & Geology; Environmental Science and Society (ENVI) Interdisciplinary Program

140U Strong Hall


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  • Ph.D., Geology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, 2012
  • MS, Geological Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1994
  • BS, Geology, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1992

Interests and Expertise

Dr. Christopher Gellasch is a geologist who specializes in groundwater (hydrogeology) and water quality. He returned to EMU after more than 20 years serving as a U.S. Army Environmental Science and Engineering Officer. His previous academic experience includes serving as an assistant professor at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, NY and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD. At EMU he teaches courses in geology, environmental science, and environmental engineering using active-learning and team-based learning methods to maximize student engagement.

His research utilizes field-based methods to evaluate migration of chemical and biological constituents through the subsurface and their impact either on public supply wells or surface water bodies. Other aspects of Dr. Gellasch’s research include military geology and urban hydrogeology. He has conducted projects across the U.S. and in Germany, South Korea, and Afghanistan. Dr. Gellasch’s Google Scholar page contains more details about his research.

Dr. Gellasch works with his undergraduate research students sampling groundwater and surface water at field sites like EMU’s Fish Lake Environmental Education Center and the students analyze those samples in his laboratory on campus. His research students present at both the EMU Undergraduate Symposium and at national conferences. This research experience prepares students to either attend graduate school or enter the workforce as a hydrogeologist.

Mentoring students and ensuring they are successful after graduation are important to Dr. Gellasch. Heis the Outreach and Internship Coordinator for the Environmental Science and Society Interdisciplinary (ENVI) Program. In that role he mentors students looking for internship opportunities and organizes the ENVI Internship Symposium in January for students seeking summer internship opportunities. Many of those internships lead to post-graduation employment. Learn more about ENVI Internships


  • ENVI 107 Environmental Science
  • ESSC 110 The Dynamic Earth System
  • ESSC 111 The Earth System Through Time
  • CSIE/ENVI 125L2 Contaminants in Groundwater
  • ESSC 278 Regional Geology Field Trip
  • CSIE 177L2 Contaminants in Groundwater
  • ESSC 300 Introduction to Hydrology
  • CIVE 350 Environmental Engineering
  • ENVI 405 Capstone Seminar
  • ESSC 448 Hydrogeology
  • ESSC 460 Advanced Hydrogeology
  • ENVI 488L4 Internship


  • Professional Geology - Hydrogeology concentration advisor
  • ENVI Water Quality concentration advisor
  • ENVI Internship advisor
  • GeoClub faculty advisor