Internships are a great way to gain experience and explore where you would like to work. ENVI students are required to complete a capstone project and an internship is one way to fulfill this requirement. Students are welcome to experience more than one internship; however, to receive credit for the ENVI capstone requirements, students must register for ENVI 305W after completing all other ENVI core courses and then ENVI 405 and ENVI 488L6 in a subsequent semester and the same semester they plan on completing the internship. Previous internship experiences will not count toward ENVI capstone requirements. Prior to registering for ENVI 405 and ENVI 488L6 students will need to fill out an “Internship contract” available for download below. Once the contract is approved, students will be given permission to register for ENVI 405 and ENVI 488L6. The decision to approve your contract depends on the following:

  • Completion or expected completion of ENVI 305W
  • Demonstration of application of ENVI academic coursework to the internship
  • Demonstration of the completion of 150 total hours
  • Supervisor and student signature

Internship Contract [PDF]

Supervisor Evaluation Form [PDF]

What is an Internship Like?

ENVI 405 student, Mary Griffiths, has started a blog to document her journey as an intern this summer with the Clinton River Watershed Council. She posts weekly about her internship experience, job tasks, and people that she meets. To follow Mary's story this summer check out her blog.

Internship Organizations

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