Information about the many careers in geography and how to obtain one:

If you like courses in geography, additional online courses with geographic and environmental perspectives include:

  • GEOG 107 Introduction to Geography - Kasenow
  • GEOG 318 Geography of Asia - Xie
  • GEOG 110 World Regions - Kasenow
  • GEOG 320 Geography of the United
  • ESSC 300 Introduction to Hydrology - Kasenow States and Canada - Victor
  • GEOG 313 Geography of Michigan - Kasenow

More information on majors and minors and additional courses (traditional and online) can be found in the EMU Catalog.

If you’re interested in a geography career pease contact:

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Geographic Information Science

Explore the related geographic information science programs.


Find out how geotourism makes travel more memorable and what programs at EMU could get you into this field.

Institute for Geospatial Research & Education (IGRE)

Check out the website for IGRE, the home of geographic information science at EMU.