Mentor Collective

What is Mentor Collective?

  • The Mentor Collective is an international online mentoring community.
  • Eastern Michigan University is one of many institutions to partner with Mentor Collective to provide support within the community through mentorship.
  • Mentor Collective matches students with trained alumni/current students mentor based on common interests, background, academics and professional aspirations.
  • If you have logistical questions at any point during your mentorship, feel free to email the Mentor Collective team at [email protected].

What are other mentees saying about the experience?

  • "[My mentor] helped me answer the question of how to form strong relationships with my professors by giving me actionable strategies for office hour visits." – Mentee
  • "I'm really excited to have someone there for me. It's nice knowing that I'm not completely alone and hopefully I have someone I can reach out to if I'm having a hard time in school or other activities." – Mentee
  • "My mentor has been an amazing help in my life. He helps me see things more clearly. Sometimes it's in front of your face but can't see until someone puts it into words for you." – Mentee

What are mentors saying about the experience?

  • "I'm volunteering to mentor because I've been fortunate enough to have mentors who guided me throughout my academic and professional careers and I feel like I am finally able to give back." – Mentor
  • "I have personally benefited from the help of some great mentors both in my personal life and academic/career life. At my first real job after college, I was assigned a mentor on my first day who has been nothing but supportive and helpful to me as I embarked on a new journey. Mentorship has been a very valuable asset to my life and career so far. I believe it is my duty to also give back like the mentors who have been part of my success so far." – Mentor

Want to learn more? 

Contact us at [email protected].