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Director's Circle

The EMU School of School of Music and Dance cares about our students and giving them the best edcuation and college experience possible.

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Every year, the School of Music and Dance presents over 100 music events, but these performances and our students' education require private resources beyond what institutional dollars can provide. We humbly ask for your help to enhance what the EMU School of Music and Dance does for its students and the community.

All donors who contribute to the campaign will be considered part of the Director’s Circle. Members of the Director’s Circle will receive updates from the School of Music & Dance and invitations to special events (pre-concert talks, post-

performance receptions, etc.)and will have opportunities to meet and interact music and dance students, faculty, and the school director.


Make a Gift to the Director's Circle


 What your gift supports

  • Scholarships for EMU music and dance students
  • Travel assistance for students to perform and compete
  • Equipment and instruments to be used in the classroom by EMU music and dance students
  • Faculty performances and research presentations that share what they are discovering and creating at EMU with the greater academic community
  • Future opportunities in the EMU School of Music & Dance

Director's Circle Giving Levels

$50 = Take A Bow

$100 = Curtain Call

$250 = Rave Reviews

$500 = First Chair

$1,000 = Encore Ensemble

$2,000+ = Eagle’s Nest

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Fund 02685 - Director's Circle School of Music & Dance


Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

Haleigh Yoder

"I am truly honored and blessed to have received the Director’s Circle Scholarship to help me pursue my dream career in music. This scholarship has served as motivation to do the very best I can in all of my musical endeavors. Music is my passion, and being able to pursue it thanks to scholarships like this makes it all the more amazing. Along with serving as a form of motivation, this scholarship has brought the cost of college down and has made it possible for me to attend college altogether. Now, I can focus my energy into being the best musician possible without worrying about the cost of college! Thank you so much for financially supporting me in pursuing my dreams in music!"

-Haleigh Yoder




Isabella Davis

As someone who has been a dancer for almost seventeen years, receiving the Director’s Circle Scholarship makes me feel so incredibly thankful for this opportunity to share my passion with the EMU community. Dance has played a very important role in my life, not just because I loved doing it but it teaches you so much more than just movements and technique. As an exercise science and a dance major I have the hopes of becoming an athletic trainer that can also work on dancers whether it’s categorized as an art or sport. Taking care of your body is incredibly important to dancers and I wish to share the care I’ve also received over the years. This scholarship will help with the financial strain of being a double major as well as allow me to pursue further with the two professions I’m passionate about. Having such a strong community and family-like bond with your teammates is something that makes dance feel like home to me. In just one semester of being in the EMU Dance Program and a part of Company E, I’m proud to say I feel as if I’m  at home. I’ve also seen improvement in my movements, it’s given me opportunities I never thought I’d have and learning about topics that I can use in both the dance world and my everyday life.  Most importantly I want to thank my family, and friends, as well as both my past dance companies and the EMU Dance Program for supporting and pushing me through to continue what I love into adulthood.

-      Isabella Davis



For More Information

  • Dr. Christopher Barrick, director
    School of Music and Dance
    734.487.0244 | [email protected]
  • Julaine LeDuc
    Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences
    734.487.0336 | [email protected]

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