14. Auxiliary Operations

14.2. Housing

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14.2.3. University Apartments Eligibility

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Effective Date: 5-17-72

Revision Date: 3-21-06


University Housing apartments are available for sophomore, junior, senior and graduate students and freshmen on an exception basis.   Students who are parents or legal guardians may have their dependents live with them. Appropriate documentation may be required before an assignment is made.

University Faculty and Staff are eligible to lease as space permits.

Eastern Michigan University is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property of apartment tenants during occupancy of a University apartment.  Tenants wishing to protect themselves from the possibility of property loss should be covered with the appropriate renter's insurance. 

University Housing apartment facilities are for the exclusive use of tenants and guests in accordance with the current terms and conditions, and other University policies.  The University reserves the right to terminate a lease as set forth in its policies and in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan.



Each tenant is required to make application and sign a lease for the appropriate length of occupancy.  As such the tenant agrees to make appropriate payment of fees as established, according to the current payment schedule.  The tenant is responsible for compliance with all terms and conditions set forth in the lease, the Guide to Apartment Living Handbook with all federal, state and local regulations on health, safety, and other matters, concerning activities on, or conditions of the leased premises.



The University Housing management staff (Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director of Housing/Apartments and Leasing Coordinator) is responsible for implementing this policy.



This policy applies to all tenants leasing an apartment.


Authority for Creation and Revision

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