3. Employment, Affirmative Action and Civil Rights

3.1. Employment

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3.1.6. Reporting of Relationships

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Effective Date: 6-19-1974

Revision Date: 2-15-2011


The following policy shall govern married, additional eligible adult, or consanguineous (parent, offspring, or sibling) persons who are appointed to or are already members of the faculty and staff of Eastern Michigan University.

Marriage or consanguinity to an Eastern Michigan University employee or employee involvement in an additional eligible adult relationship shall be considered neither a qualification nor a disqualification for employment at Eastern Michigan University.

University personnel, who are employed in the same instructional department, office, or administrative unit of the University with a member or members of their family (husband, wife, offspring, or sibling) or with an additional eligible adult, shall not participate in recommendations or decisions of direct concern to a member or members of their family or their additional eligible adult. As used herein, "of direct concern" includes, but is not limited to, such matters as appointment, retention, tenure, dismissal, salary, promotion, leave of absence, evaluation, and sabbatical leave.

The dean, director, or manager/supervisor, together with the Chief Financial Officer, shall have the authority and responsibility to ensure that no member of a family or additional eligible adult has an unchecked or un-reviewed responsibility for any matters relating to University audits, financial records, payroll, or inventory of goods and supplies of another member of the family or of the employee's additional eligible adult. The Chief Financial Officer may issue rules to be published in the University's Procedures Manual in carrying out this responsibility.

Information regarding Additional Eligible Adult can be found at the following website; or by contacting the Benefits Office.



The Chief Human Resources Officer for the University, Chief Human Resources Officer for Academic Affairs, and division/department executives have the primary responsibility for implementing and enforcing this policy. Further, it is the individual responsibility of each University employee to disclose relationships that may violate this policy.



The policy covers all University Employees.


Authority for Creation and Revision

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