3. Employment, Affirmative Action and Civil Rights

3.2. Attendance

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3.2.3. Holidays

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Effective Date: 1-4-1965

Revision Date: 2-15-2011


All employees, except temporary employees, will receive the following holidays, or an equivalent day off: Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, and Good Friday. All employees, except temporary employees and employee consultants, will also receive the following days off, either the day before or after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day, as designated by the University. Employees will be advised each year of the designated days. In addition to the above holidays, the regularly scheduled workdays between the Christmas and New Year's holidays are designated as Christmas/New Year Seasonal Days.

Non-exempt employees scheduled to work on a designated holiday will receive time and one-half for all hours worked on that day, or may, at the discretion of the University, be given compensatory time off.

Any employee who is required to work on a Christmas/New Year Seasonal Day as designated above will be paid for time worked at the employee's regular hourly straight time plus shift premium, if applicable. In addition, for each one (1) hour worked by any employee, the University shall add one (1) hour to the employee's vacation accrual.

For each Christmas/New Year Seasonal Day any employee not scheduled or otherwise required by the Employer to work shall receive his or her regular hourly rate of pay, exclusive of shift premium, for the number of hours the employee would be regularly scheduled to work (not to exceed eight (8) hours) on the day on which the Christmas/New Year Seasonal Day is observed, provided the employee meets the following eligibility requirements:

  1. The employee must work the last scheduled workday before and the next scheduled workday after the day of the observance of the Christmas/New Year Seasonal Day, unless the employee's absence has been previously approved by the employee's supervisor or, in cases where approval is not sought and obtained in advance from the supervisor, is caused by any employee having been hospitalized due to accident, injury, or other such similar and verifiable situations of extreme personal circumstance.

    Exception: The University employee who retires at the end of the year will not be required to report to work the first work day following New Year's Day for the Holidays accumulated through December 31.
  2. The employee must be on the active payroll for the week in which the Christmas/New Year Seasonal Day is observed.

    Additional regulation on this subject may also be found and may supersede this policy for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements.



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