11. Business and Financial Operations

11.3. Purchasing Operations

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11.3.1. Purchasing

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Effective Date: 7-1-1964

Revision Date: 1-20-2004


Eastern Michigan University operates within a centralized purchasing system. Only the Purchasing Department has the authority to obligate the University for the procurement of services, supplies, material and equipment in accordance with University policies and practices. Employees violating this policy may incur personal liability for unauthorized purchases.



University practices for implementing this policy include:

  1. To procure all non-employee services (including but not limited to consultants and guest speakers), supplies, material and equipment in proper quantities and execute delivery as expeditiously as possible for all University entities.
  2. To insure that the correct procedure is followed prior to the Commitment of University resources (e.g., creation of a requisition, approval by Accounting, approval by Purchasing and the creation of a Purchase Order and if necessary, creation of a professional services contract).
  3. Maximize savings through judicious and ethical purchase.
  4. Ensure effective competition among vendors through the utilization of a competitive bidding process for large purchases.
  5. The Purchasing Department has the authority to enter into negotiated pricing agreements.
  6. University purchase orders, authorized contracts and Procurement Cards are the only approved methods for purchasing goods and services from external suppliers.



The Vice President for Business & Finance, or his/her designee(s), has overall responsibility for implementation and administration of this policy.



The Purchasing policy applies to all University departments.



Authority for Creation and Revision

Reference Purchasing Procedure, effective July 1, 1964.
Minutes of the Board of Regents: December 6, 1989, para. .4118M.
Minutes of the Board of Regents: January 20, 2004, para. .6222M.