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Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Academic Programs and Requirements

Chapter No.

Issue: Undergraduate Classes and Attendance

Effective Date: 10-18-1978

Revision Date: 4-16-2013


Students:  Regular class attendance and active participation in classes are important elements in the learning process. Students are at the University primarily for the sake of their intellectual growth and development. Attendance and participation provide appropriate opportunities for the evaluation of the student's progress. 

Each student is personally responsible for the satisfactory completion of the course work prescribed by his/her instructors. This means specifically that he/she is expected to attend classes regularly, and that he/she is responsible for the work assigned in class, the material covered in class and for participation in class activities (including discussion and listening) designed by the instructor as part of the learning experience. However, physical attendance shall not be the sole criterion for determining the student's course grade. 

Faculty: Faculty members should notify their department heads when they are going to be absent from regularly scheduled classes. Written notification of circumstances causing prolonged absences must be sent to the applicable human resources office.

Faculty members are expected to arrange, through their department head, for a qualified substitute when they are absent from class. 


Classes may be cancelled by the Office of the President or his/her designee.


Changes: Faculty may not change the assigned time of a class unless the change is approved by the department head and the dean of the college; assigned rooms may be changed only through the established room scheduling procedure approved by the Provost.

At the End of the Semester: Classes are taught through the last day of classes for the term as indicated in the University calendar. 

Near Holidays: Students are expected to attend all classes, and faculty members are not permitted to cancel classes or excuse students prior to any holiday. 


Subject to the approval of the department head and the dean of the college, wide latitude is accorded the instructor in selecting textbooks. Instructors are responsible for informing the University of their texts and other required course materials so that this information may be made available to students in a timely manner, in compliance with legal requirements.


Faculty members are expected to be available for conferences with students. Instructors should post their office hours on their doors and notify their classes and offices of their department heads of these hours. 


The responsibility for the evaluation of a student's achievement in a course rests with the instructor of the course. 

Whether or not that evaluation shall include a final examination shall be determined by the instructor in line with departmental and university policy. 

If a final examination is not given, the scheduled examination period shall be used for other class activity. 

If a final examination is given, students shall take the examination with their own class and at the hour indicated on the examination schedule. Failure to take the examination at the scheduled time will result in a grade of "F" except when the requisite conditions for granting an "I" are present. 

Students are to take their examinations with their regular classes at hours indicated on the schedule. If the student finds that he/she has three examinations scheduled on one day, he/she may request the instructor of the class having the first examination of the day to arrange for him/her to take the examination at another time. If he/she finds that he/she has four examinations scheduled for one day, he/she may request the instructors of the first two examinations to make arrangements so that he/she has to take no more than two in one day. He/she may appeal to the head of the department in which the course is offered if a satisfactory solution is not reached. 

Students who cannot take a final examination at the assigned time because of religious observance are covered under the policy on religious holidays.


Any deviation of the student's examination schedule, other than to limit the exams to two in one day or to observe religious mandates, will be granted only in cases of extreme emergency.

Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents, September 20, 2011
Minutes of the Board of Regents, April 16, 2013