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Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Tuition, Fees, Fines, Deposits and Refunds

Chapter No. 12.1.3

Issue: Assessment And Collection Of Tuition And Fees

Effective Date: 4-24-68

Revision Date: 11-18-97



Tuition and Fees shall only be assessed in an amount approved by the University Board of Regents and shall be collected in a timely, effective and professional manner.



University practice for administering this policy includes:

1.    Any modification in tuition and fees shall be presented to the Board of Regents annually for their approval.

2.    Students who elect to pay in installments including a University sanctioned external installment payment plan may be assessed an installment fee.

3.    Students who fail to remit appropriate payment on established due dates may be assessed a late fee.

4.    Students who withdraw from the University or reduce their academic load shall have their assessment of tuition and fees reduced in accordance with published course load reduction schedules.  This reduction in assessment shall satisfy the federally mandated "Fair and Equitable Refund" rules issued by the Secretary of Education or any other federally mandated refund rule which may, in the future, supersede this act.  A Program Adjustment Fee and/or Administrative Fee may be assessed.

5.    Students who fail to pay their tuition and fee assessment on time and in a sufficient amount may have all University services withheld until such time that they satisfy the University's payment requirements.

6.    Students who accounts become seriously delinquent, which is defined as 90 days past due, are subject to assignment to an external professional agency for collection action.

7.    The administration shall report to the Board on a regular basis the status, aging and collection action of student accounts receivable. 



The Student Business Services department is primarily responsible for administering this policy on a daily basis.  Other University departments which provide student services shall assist with the administering of the policy as required. 

Only the President and/or Vice President for Business and Finance or designee shall have the authority to make exceptions to this policy when circumstances of an exceptional nature exist or the best interest of the University is clearly served.



The assessment and collection of tuition applies to all currently enrolled students and/or former students who may still have an outstanding financial obligation to the University.


Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents, November 18, 1997, para. .5301M.