Meet the first winners in EMU's Vax to Win program: Sept. 9, 2021

To the Eastern Michigan University community:

I am pleased to announce the first winners in the EMU “Vax to Win” program have been selected! These EMU students and employees were selected in the drawing that took place last week, and additional winners (both students and employees) from last week’s drawing will be announced as soon as the notification and verification process is complete.


  • $5,000 credit - Jaylen Reames
  • $1,000 credit - Yumna Alam
  • $1,000 credit - Maximilian Sebastian Patel
  • $1,000 credit - Daniela Rodrigues$1,000 credit - Nina Scarpelli
  • New computer - DeAngelena Terrell
  • Free housing for one semester - Two student winners to be announced
    pending notification and verification
  • Free parking for winter semester - Chloe Desselles
  • $100 Bookstore gift card - Lindsey Kowalski
  • $100 Bookstore gift card - Samuel Sidorowicz
  • $100 Bookstore gift card - Lacey Weaver
  • $100 Dining credit - K. Clarke
  • $100 Dining credit - Ryan Denniston
  • $100 Dining credit - Lauren Eicher


  • $500 payment - Steve Silva
  • $100 Bookstore gift card - Ann Blakeslee
  • $100 Dining credit - Steven Berning
  • $100 Dining credit - Jason Schwartz

Congratulations to the winners! And thank you to each of them for doing their part to keep our community safe.

It’s not too late to win. There will be four more drawings over the next six weeks in which students and employees will receive over $50,000 in student credits, free on-campus housing, and other prizes.

To be eligible to receive a prize, you must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and verify your vaccination status. Visit the Vax to Win website for full details of this exciting program.

The COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective, and free. The University urges every member of the campus community to be vaccinated, and many members of the campus community are required to be vaccinated. Please visit the EMU Safe program website to review our comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation program and to learn about opportunities to receive a free vaccine on campus or other locations.

James Smith, Ph.D.