About Us

Through donor support, the SURF program provides an opportunity for outstanding new and current students to extend their educational experience and academic passion beyond the classroom. 

Fundraising efforts for the fellows began enthusiastically in the fall of 2006. Supporters of the Undergraduate Symposium were excited to learn of an opportunity to support student research at a more engaged level. 

Selected student fellows are matched with a faculty mentor in the student’s chosen field of study. SURFS engage in a research or creative project that is of mutual interest between the student and faculty. 

As part of their award, students will receive $1,000 ($500 in the fall semester / $500 in the winter semester) directly to their student account. This $1,000 serves as recognition of placement as a SURF and is to be spent at the student’s discretion. 

Additionally, up to $1,000 can be used to support the student and their unique research experience/project. Use of the support dollars must be approved and monitored by the faculty mentor so that all University spending and reporting procedures are followed. All SURF support dollars need to be utilized no later than May 1 of the current academic year. Any unused funds will be utilized for future SURF opportunities and will not be available to the faculty/students beyond the deadline.

SURF positions are awarded for one year with the possibility of renewal. 

As a culmination of the year’s work, SURFs present at the EMU Undergraduate Symposium which happens annually in March.


The SURF Program Is For You If: 

You are an outstanding scholar that is currently enrolled or you are ready to enroll at EMU from high school or community college.

You are motivated to delve into a research passion from the very beginning of your collegiate career at EMU.

You are ready to work with a distinguished EMU faculty member, one-on-one.

You are eager about the opportunity to share your research results with your peers and the larger University community.

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