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Just To Clear The Air,

We Are Tobacco Free.


Tobacco Use and Evaluation Committee Formation and Purpose

The Tobacco-Use Policy Evaluation Committee was formed in March 2014. Initial members were David Turner, Vice President of University Human Resources, Stephanie Robinson, Director of Benefit Programs, Dr. Kay Woodiel, Graduate Coordinator of Health Education and two of her graduate students Emily VanWormer and Rebecca Frank. Shortly thereafter, to ensure broad university-wide interests were represented, members of the president’s Executive Council were asked to nominate leaders within their functional areas of responsibility to serve on the Committee. EMU’s current student body president, Desmond Miller, also accepted an invitation to join the Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to research, evaluate and provide recommendations related to tobacco use on EMU owned or leased property.

Committee Evaluation of Tobacco-Use Policy

The Committee met regularly, either weekly or bi-weekly and its work consisted of the following:

  • Review of the current EMU Tobacco-Use Policy and its history;
  • Discussion of EMU’s public mission and its positioning within its peer institutions and the community as it relates to tobacco use on university premises;
  • Literature review of public health research related to tobacco use;
  • Review of initial research and assessments compiled by graduate students;
  • Review of other Michigan university smoking/tobacco policies;
  • Discussion with similarly situated universities which recently transitioned to a tobacco free policy;
  • Formulation of subcommittees and subcommittee work assignments;
  • Discussion of the Student Body Resolution advocating for a change in the current tobacco use policy;
  • Collection and discussion of the broader University community feedback regarding a tobacco free campus via interviews, focus groups, surveys and email; and
  • Discussion and consideration of the financial, student safety and enforcement implications of transitioning to a tobacco free campus.

EMU Tobacco-Free Campus Steering Committee Members

Members: Rebecca Frank, Ellen Gold, Desmond Miller, Nik Rachowicz, Stephanie Robinson, Emily VanWormer, Eric Ward, Kathryn Wilhoff, Kay Woodiel

Committee charge: Develop and manage the components of a University tobacco-free campus implementation plan.

List of Subcommittees that Created the Policy:

Policy Management and Assessment

Chair: Ellen Gold, Student Well Being

Subcommittee charge: Manage ongoing policy considerations and policy dissemination. Identify measures for success, monitor and evaluate progress, and reporting.

Compliance and Community Relations

Co-Chairs: Meredith Blaine, Student Conduct & Community Standards; Nik Rachowicz, Housing and Residence Life

Subcommittee charge: Identify effective strategies for ensuring cooperation and compliance to create an environment of compliance, and develop a clearly defined and actionable enforcement component.

Student Life

Co-Chairs: Desmond Miller, Student Government; Emily Van Wormer, HPHP

Subcommittee charge: Identify special considerations for all student populations, including those living on campus, and share these with leadership/subcommittees to integrate as appropriate (serving as the student liaisons to decision making).

Faculty and Staff

Co-Chairs: Kay Woodiel, Faculty Senate; Zak Fairchild, Human Resources

Subcommittee charge: Identify special considerations for faculty and staff, and share these with leadership/subcommittees to integrate as appropriate (serving as the faculty/staff liaisons to decision making).

Facilities, Grounds and Campus Environment

Co-Chairs: Dieter Otto, Plant Operations; Kathryn Wilhoff, Health and Safety

Subcommittee charge: Determine plan for signage, facilities, grounds and safety needs on campus and adjacent to campus grounds.

Health Promotion and Wellness

Co-Chairs: Rebecca Frank, HPHP; Eric Ward, The Wellness Center

Subcommittee charge: Identify existing resources and new needs for tobacco cessation support; stress management; other health and wellness issues; education and benefits.

Communication and Marketing

Co-Chairs: Stephanie Robinson, Human Resources; Eric Ward, The Wellness Center

Subcommittee charge: Create and manage the communication and marketing plans for the tobacco-free university initiative, including all media.

Eastern Michigan University has adopted a tobacco-free policy that supports a healthy learning, living and work environment for all members of the campus community.

The policy, effective July 1, 2015, prohibits all smoking and the use of tobacco products in or on all university owned, operated or leased buildings, facilities and grounds, including vehicles.

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