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Tailored Travel Advice

  1. Prepare
    Plan ahead! Start planning as soon as travel plans are confirmed (preferably eight weeks before departure). Locate your immunization records. Do some research on your own. Websites that may be helpful include:
  2. Schedule Appointment(s) by Calling 487.1122
    Call to schedule a travel health consultation. If you need a physical for travel, schedule that separately. If you need prescriptions, allow additional time to visit the UHS Pharmacy. There are limited appointments and they quickly fill.
  3. Get Organized and Bring to Your Visit the Following
    • Completed Travel Information Form (dropped off 1 week in advance of your visit)
    • Immunization Records
    • Any paperwork you may need signed by medical staff
    • Your travel itinerary
    • Method of payment
  4. Plan to Stop at the Pharmacy
    The UHS Pharmacy will have many of the over-the-counter items needed for international travel. Ask your nurse what over-the-counter medicines are recommended for your travel plans.