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McAndless Distinguished Chair

The McAndless Distinguished Chair was established with the help of a generous bequest from the late M. Thelma McAndless, a professor in the Department of English Language and Literature. The McAndless Scholar usually holds a one-semester appointment and is a nationally prominent figure in the arts or humanities.

McAndless Distinguished Professorship 2015-2016 Nomination Form 

McAndless Distinguished Professorship Procedures, Responsibilities and Expenses

Past McAndless Scholars

2015 Annette J. Saddik, Professor of English and Theatre at New York City College of Technology and the CUNY Graduate Center Doctoral Program in Theatre

Professor Saddik's area of specialization is twentieth- and twenty-first-century drama and performance, particularly the work of Tennessee Williams. She is considered by both academics and theatre artists to be one of the world's leading scholars on contemporary/modern theatre particularly Tennessee Williams. Professor Saddik is the author of such books as Contemporary American Drama (2007), a history of the postmodern performance of American identity on the stage since World War II, The Politics of Reputation: The Critical Reception of Tennessee Williams' Later Plays (1999), and has edited and introduced a collection of Williams' previously unpublished later plays, The Traveling Companion and Other Plays (2008). The Traveling Companion and Other Plays gave voice to Williams' lesser known and experimental works leading to professional theatre productions at the Provincetown, New Orleans and Missouri Tennessee Williams Festival in 2014. Currently, Saddik is working on a new book, The Strange, The Crazed, The Queer: Tennessee Williams' Late Plays and the Theater of Excess, published by Cambridge University Press, and has forthcoming essays on the work of playwrights Sam Shepard and John Patrick Shanley. Professor Saddik is in residence at EMU during winter term 2015, team teaching a cross-listed course and dramaturgically advising and co-directing a Tennessee Williams short play that will be publicly performed. She provides guest visits to other classes to converse about her dramaturgical experiences and gives two public lectures during her McAndless appointment.

2014 Daniel Johnston, Potter, North Carolina, English, and Thai ceramics traditions

2013 Laurie A. Finke, Professor, Kenyon College

2012 Evan Roth, Artist and Researcher based in Paris

2011 Mark Carnes, Professor, Barnard College

2010 Farzaneh Milani, Professor, University of Virginia

2009 Ali Mazrui, Professor, Binghamton University.

2008 Marshall Poe, Professor, University of Iowa 

2007 N. Scott Hofmann, Professor, Cameron University

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