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Graduate School

Graduate education is the rewarding process of exploring in-depth content that initially was presented to you during your baccalaureate program, or you may be exploring a new avenue of thought such as a master’s in business or public administration. The purpose of graduate school is mastery: honing one’s skills, researching and expanding knowledge about a specific field of study.

Think of education as an upside-down funnel. You start with a broad base by completing your bachelor’s degree. A graduate certificate or master’s degree narrows the funnel while refining content in a specialized fashion. Research becomes more focused. The funnel narrows again with an advanced-graduate certificate, specialist degree and doctoral-level work. You end knowing a lot about a very refined segment of your discipline. Breadth and depth of knowledge allows you to command improved employment opportunities and increased salary, but more importantly, joy in being a scholar who provides a vital contribution to your discipline. Contributions include pure or applied research, community engagement, or mastery of skills such as fine and performing arts. These are limited only by your imagination.

Most graduate students balance work, family life and community involvement with course work towards a degree completion. It’s a juggling act. A team effort or network is needed. The EMU family of faculty and staff are prepared to mentor you through the journey. Let classmates be a part of the network as well. These friendships create a professional linkage that will remain resolute through your professional life. Begin to create and nurture bonds toward a strong, long-term, support system.

The Graduate School staff is also a part of your network. We stand ready to help you throughout your educational journey. Feel free to contact us at 734.487.0042 or graduate_school@emich.edu.