Eastern Michigan University

Police Department

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  • EMU Police Emergency: 734.487.1222 or 911
  • Non-Emergency Police Dispatch: 734.487.1222

Area Police Officers

The Area Police Officer Program was officially implemented in the Fall of 1992. However, prior to the program implementation, EMU Police Department was committed to the community oriented policing philosophy and concept which was evident with several officers 'assigning' themselves to 'areas' where they concentrated on issues/concerns of that area.

The 2 area Police offices are located in Putnam Hall and Downing Hall.

Currently there are 2 officers assigned to this Program; Officer Pat McGill, Officer Andrea Elliott.

Area policing is a new program, not an old program warmed over; it is much more than just the idea of the old "beat cop". The basic idea to this concept is to direct and personalize service to the University community. Some of the duties and responsibilities of this program are:

  • Organize the resources of the EMU Police Department and other agencies within our community to reduce crime and solve problems.
  • Conduct and assist with crime prevention programs within the area. 
  • Maintain contact with staff groups operating within the area and involve them in planning, designing, and evaluating area crime prevention programs. 
  • Receive complaints and request for service from area residents. 
  • Attend area events and promote crime prevention awareness. 
  • Investigate selected crimes.
Officer McGill Patrol Car