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Emergency Alert Messaging

Eastern Michigan University uses an alert service that notifies the campus community if an emergency situation occurs or is imminent. The service provides important information to your emich.edu email account and, if you entered your mobile phone information, as a text message to your mobile phone. Because text to a mobile phone is limited in size, the email will often Sign up for Text Alerts contain additional information.

All current students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled for email notifications. In order to receive phone text alerts, you need to enter your mobile phone contact information. You can add up to three mobile devices and three email addresses.

The system is tested at the start of Fall and Winter terms. Your name and phone number will not be shared and the system is not used for non-emergency purposes.

Sign up for Emergency Text Alerts


Why does EMU use this emergency alert service? How will it benefit me?

The University needs a fast, mobile way to notify the campus community in the event of an emergency. And you, as a member of that community, need to know when an emergency occurs and what actions to take to stay safe.

How do I add a mobile phone number and other contacts?

All current students, faculty and staff are in the system for email notifications to their emich.edu account. To add contact information, login using your Emich Net Id. Click here to sign up. You will need to provide your mobile phone number in order to receive text alerts. Every member of the University community is strongly encouraged to provide a mobile phone contact.

If you are not a current student, faculty or staff member and would like to receive EMU Emergency Alerts please contact the Emergency Management Office. Parents of EMU students can be registered under the student account.

Who provides the emergency alert service?

EMU uses Rave Mobile Safety to host the text alert service. There is no cost to you for the service. However, if your cell phone contract charges you for text messages, you may be charged for any text messages.

How to I unsubscribe?

There are two ways to stop receiving text messages on your phone:

1. Login to your account at this site, click on the Groups tab and use the Text checkbox option to specify your message delivery preferences, or;

2. Text STOP to 67283 or 226787 from your mobile phone.

3. Students, faculty, and staff cannot opt out of receiving email notifications to their emich.edu email account.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the Emergency Management Office at 734.487.0799 or email at [email protected]