Eastern Michigan University
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The Summer Incentive Program (SIP) has been alive and well at Eastern Michigan University since 1988, and to date, has served over 1,400 students. It is an intensive, encouraging environment focused on providing conditionally-admitted students an opportunity to excel in college courses and gain unconditional admission to the University. SIP relies on valuable partnerships with academic departments, advisers, faculty, and staff across campus to offer a multi-faceted, enriching experience for participants.


The mission of the Eastern Michigan University Summer Incentive Program (SIP) is to provide high school graduating seniors who do not meet the prerequisites for admission the opportunity to attend Eastern Michigan University on a conditional basis. The program is two-fold: (1) Students gain the opportunity to participate in a structured program, take classes, and reside on campus during a seven-week summer session; (2) Students will participate in an academic support program for the remainder of the Fall and Winter semesters of the first year. The program requires meetings with academic success coaches, pre-registration meeting with an academic adviser, attending workshops, utilizing tutoring services, and maintaining an above average grade point average (GPA). This program is designed to facilitate a smooth transition into University life while allowing each student to successfully develop academic skills and the personal responsibility necessary to ensure success at the University level. Upon successful completion of all program components, students are able to continue at Eastern Michigan University.

The Summer Incentive Program is provided through Academic Success Partnerships, 301 Pierce Hall, 734.487.8413