Eastern Michigan University
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EMU Opportunity Program

The EMU Opportunity Program (EO) is targeted at students who fall just below the regular admission standards but show the potential to succeed with first year guidance. EO is a two-fold conditional-admit program:
  1. Students gain the opportunity to participate in the Summer Incentive Program (SIP) - a structured three-week summer residential collegiate enrichment experience;
  2. SIP participants who successfully fulfill all summer term requirements will be enrolled into the Scholars Program for the Fall and Winter semesters of the first year.

The EO Program is housed within Academic Success Partnerships, a department committed to inspiring students to achieve personal, educational, and career goals.

Picture of EO Students
  • The EO Summer Incentive Program has been recognized by the Lee Noel and Randi Levitz Retention Excellence Awards Program for its intensive and structured academic and student work format.
  • Ninety-five percent (95%) of EO Summer Incentive Program students successfully complete the program and begin their freshman year at Eastern Michigan University ready for success.

  • EO students have a higher first year retention rate compared to students who are admitted through the regular admissions process. This is important to note considering that the students admitted into the EO Program have significantly lower GPA's and ACT scores and were denied admission to the University on that basis.

The EMU Opportunity Program is provided through Academic Success Partnerships, 301 Pierce Hall, 734.487.8413