The Martin Luther King, Jr. - CKing Chavez Parks Logoésar Chávez - Rosa Parks (KCP) Initiative is dedicated to supporting under-served students as they transition from community college into a four-year institution by providing critical services like mentoring, academic preparation, financial education and scholarships.



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    Michigan College and University Partnership (MICUP) is a program funded by the King-Chávez-Parks (KCP) Initiative that aims to prepare transfer students for attendance at a four-year institution, specifically those transferring from Henry Ford College and Wayne County Community College District. MICUP focuses on serving academically, economically and socially disadvantaged students who otherwise might not have access to the same resources and support.
  • BEAT

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    The Baccalaureate Education Achievement Track (BEAT) aims to serve all transfer students at EMU, no matter the student's former institution. MICUP-BEAT is housed together within the Academic Success Partnerships department and treated as a collaborative program geared toward transfer students.

 Achieve your fullest potential and join MICUP-BEAT if you:

  • Consider yourself a transfer student.
  • Seek to complete a bachelor's degree.
  • Have successfully completed 45+ credit hours.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA upon transferring.

If you are currently enrolled at a community college, contact us if you:

  • Plan to transfer to a four-year institution.
  • Have completed 45+ community college credits.


  • Services MICUP-BEAT Offers

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    • Financial aid guidance
    • Scholarship consideration based upon eligibility, need and merit
    • Academic coaching to help guide students' persistence in academia
    • Workshops providing tools to assist work-life obligations, manage pressure and navigate campus-wide resources
    • Canvas virtual learning community for online support
    • Online space in which to establish community and receive support.
  • Goals of the Program

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    • To engage students in active learning
    • To assist students in achieving their goals
    • To encourage students' educational pursuits
    • To instill students' tenacity to become independent contributors to our community
  • MICUP-BEAT Scholarship

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    Michigan College and University Partnership (MICUP) grant helped Eastern Michigan University establish a program focused on development and support of transfer students. This program is also referred to as Baccalaureate Education Achievement Track (BEAT).

    Through surveying our transfer students, MICUP-BEAT staff has found that affordability is often key to success. We also found that our transfer students are hard workers deserving of a Bachelor’s degree. To support transfer students’ hard work and dedication, and increase the affordability of their time at EMU, MICUP-BEAT is offering a one-time, three-credit tuition waiver for qualifying students. To get more information please visit our resource page to learn more.

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