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The Division of Academic and Student Affairs integrates curricular and co-curricular components to improve the academic performance of our students and the quality of academic and non-academic experiences at Eastern Michigan University. Led by Provost and Executive Vice President Rhonda Longworth and her leadership team, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs is committed to providing our students with the programs and services they need for optimal success and supporting our faculty in their teaching, scholarship and service activities.

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EMU is ahead of the curve in the world of Varsity Esports. With Esports Head Zach Lewis’ guidance over the past year, the EMU Esports team has risen to top ranks in both collegiate competition and in charity efforts. With esports on the rise in viewership and legitimacy across the nation, EMU is perfectly positioned to be a leading force in the field.

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The EMU Forensics Team placed Top 12 in this year’s National and American Forensics Association Competitions. Our Forensics team has a long history of success at these competitions, a winning streak that continued this year under new director Dr. Bill Heinze’s leadership. 

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Taylor Heckaman, a post-graduate of EMU, as well as a member of the EMU Fermentation Science team that won several accolades at the 2023 U.S. Open College Beer Championship opened up about his interest in fermentation, his background and future aspirations, and advice for anyone else interested in fermentation science.

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