Start an Alumni Group

If you are interested in starting an alumni group, the Alumni Relations Office suggests reading the following to help you get started:

Step 1: First things first

First, consider whether or not you would like to form as a chapter or be listed as a contact for a specific region. Prior to forming your chapter be sure to do the following:

  • Review the Chapter Requirements and Benefits [PDF].
  • Contact the Office for Alumni Relations and let them know that you are interested in organizing a chapter, or being listed as a contact.

The Alumni Relations staff can pull a list of alumni, review procedures, explain requirements and benefits, give helpful hints and suggestions, and provide names of other alumni who might be interested in helping.

Step 2: Explore interest

The easiest way to indicate interest in the proposed alumni group is to survey alumni in that geographic area or affinity group. A survey offers you the opportunity to assess general enthusiasm, identify committee members, locate meeting places, identify the kinds of activities that are most appealing to your potential members, and broaden general interest. The Office for Alumni Relations will help you create an online survey to be emailed to alumni, as well as tally the results and recommend options.

Step 3: Form a nucleus

If the survey indicates sufficient interest in the alumni group, you will need to select a small nucleus of alumni to help you launch the group. A successful alumni group cannot be a "one man show"; you must find other alumni who genuinely share your enthusiasm to help you get the group organized.

If the survey does not indicate sufficient interest in the alumni group, you can consider becoming an Alumni Contact. As an Alumni Contact you will be a resource to the Office for Alumni Relations in promoting events/activities and sharing information that appeal to your target alumni base.

Step 4: Establish the group

At this point, you will start moving forward with creating a formal Chapter according to the requirements.

Policies and Procedures [PDF]
Complete the Alumni Group Application and submit required documents.

Step 5: Have fun!

Once your alumni group has been established, it's up to you and the alumni in your group to develop and manage your plan, membership, and activities.