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At Eastern Michigan University, we believe in fostering meaningful connections and engagement among our alumni. Our vibrant alumni community is brought together through various exciting networks that offer a host of benefits. Join a community and experience the spirit of EMU like never before!

What's in Store for You: Community Requirements

To ensure an enriching experience, our communities follow certain requirements that contribute to a strong and supportive alumni network:

Community Description: Our communities are all about maintaining connections and camaraderie among alumni. Each community focuses on alumni from specific geographic areas, programs, or affinity groups.

Officers/Board: A community's success lies in its leadership. We require a minimum of four leaders or co-leaders in each community, with titles like President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and more.

Bylaws: To maintain smooth operations, each community establishes and maintains governing bylaws. Our Office of Alumni & Donor Engagement provides a helpful template for this purpose.

Finances: Communities have access to accounts through Eastern Michigan University, ensuring transparent financial transactions and reporting. Additionally, new communities receive an automatic one-time grant of $1,000 from the Alumni Association.

Membership & Dues: Each community defines its own membership criteria and requirements, ensuring inclusivity and diverse participation. While dues collection is optional, we prioritize offering valuable experiences without any premium attachments or "freebies."

Events/Activities: Get ready for an array of exciting activities! Our communities are required to host at least one event per fiscal year, ranging from conferences and social gatherings to tailgates, fundraisers, community service initiatives, and more.

Annual Performance Plan: To showcase the community's achievements and plan for the future, each community submits an annual plan. The Office of Alumni & Donor Engagement provides a convenient template to streamline the process, including requests for financial support in the upcoming academic year.


Start A Community