Charles and Andrea Sharper

by Anastasia Zein, Published March 11, 2016

  • Names: Charles Sharper '00 and Andrea (Gipson) Sharper '01
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Anniversary Date: September 16, 2006

Do you have children? How many?


How did you meet?

We met in the Convocation Center where I worked in the ticket office and Charles practiced and played on the men's basketball team.

Where was your first date?

Our first date was at Applebee's.

Any cute memories you have together at Eastern?

We have many memories at the Convocation Center! I would be waiting for Charles to pass my window at the ticket office on his way to practice everyday, looking forward to his smile.

If married/engaged, how did they propose? If it was on campus, where?

Charles proposed at my parents home during a family gathering.

What are the two of you doing now?

Charles is the executive director of The Healthy Youth USA Foundation and I work in accounting at the American College of Rheumatology.

Any romantic advice you would give to students:

Focus on being friends and have fun together!