Love Story: Akelah Burks and Javon Reese

  • Names: Akelah Burks (2013) and Javon Reese (2012)
  • Relationship Status:  Engaged

How did you meet?

We met through his family at his senior game. I had not attended a game all season and decided to attend this one, as it was the last game of the season. I found a place to sit where there wasn't too many people so I could enjoy the game. Within 5 minutes, a very rambunctious group came and sat by me. Javon is one of 13 children and all of his siblings showed up to the game to walk with him on the field since both of his parents are deceased. Also in attendance was his 24 nieces and nephews, friends and cousins. After getting over my initial disappointment of not being able to enjoy the game in peace, I started taking to a couple of his siblings. His family spoke so highly of him that I wanted to meet him. His siblings introduced us after the game.

Where was your first date? 

I guess I would say in Halle Library. It was more of a study date. Javon was a biology major and chemistry minor. I was currently enrolled in BIO 110 and CHEM 121/122. I needed assistance with both courses and he was my tutor until the semester was over.

What are the two of you doing now?

I am currently in graduate school at EMU and he is employed at Eisenhower Center as a Unit Manager. We will be getting married on July 13th 2019!