Love Story: George and Chris Harrison

  • Names: George (1967) and Chris "Fuzy" Harrison (1966)
  • Relationship Status: Married for 50 years!
  • Anniversary Date: April 8, 1967

Do you have children? How many?  

Yes. 2 children and 4 grandchildren 

How did you meet? 

We met at Ted's Campus Drugs, which was located at the corner of Cross and Normal streets, in May of 1966. Chris was a DZ and I was a Kappa Phi Alpha. 

Where was your first date?  

We had been on campus since the Fall of '62 and had a whole bunch of mutual friends, but we had never been on a date together until Memorial Day, 1966.  That first date blossomed into April 8, 1967 wedding.  

Our story together: 

Chris graduated with a BA degree in elementary education in 1966. I graduated in 1967. Both Chris and I earned master's degrees at EMU and have enjoyed lengthy careers in education.  

Being a highly respected kindergarten teacher was life dream for Chris. I served as a teacher, coach, high school principal and superintendent during my career. Chris enjoyed living both on and off campus, enjoying spending time with her DZ sisters and campus life.  I played football and baseball at Eastern, being inducted into the "E" Club Athletic Hall of Fame in 2016.

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary this year and continue to enjoy and appreciate Eastern Michigan University as football season ticket holders, donors and supporters of their beloved alma mater.