Love Story: Charlotte Maurer and Ben Harrington

  • Names: Charlotte Maurer (2012) and Ben Harrington (2014) 
  • Relationship Status: Engaged
  • Anniversary Date:  Aug. 7, 2015

Do you have children? How many?  

None yet.

How did you meet? 

Charlotte volunteered as an NSOA, (New Student Orientation Assistant) her sophomore and junior year to help welcome incoming freshmen to campus. Ben was in her group one year, and she was dating someone else, so they became friends. She encouraged him to get involved on campus and he also ended up joining Greek life. They became close friends after college in 2014, and eventually fell for each other and began dating at the end of summer 2015! On her birthday this year, Ben proposed on a hike in Arkansas while visiting his family. They will wed in June of 2018!

Where was your first date? 

They had a few hangouts that began feeling more and more like dates until Ben took the plunge and invited her to the Earle summer of 2015.

Any cute memories you have together at Eastern? Greek life memories. Charlotte was a member of Alpha Xi Delta, and Ben joined Phi Sigma Kappa, so they have lots of shared memories during service events, socials, and more. They’ve attended homecoming together and football and basketball games since graduating.

What are the two of you doing now?

Ben works with entrepreneurs at Ann Arbor Spark and is considering pursuing an MBA. Charlotte teaches preschool at a children’s center in Ann Arbor and is planning to begin her Master’s of Social Work this fall.

Anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for introducing us and being so welcoming, EMU! We proudly display our EMU flag in our home!