Alumni Top Ten

We are lucky enough to hear many of your EMU memories and after compiling the votes, we are proud to present the top 10 alumni favorites.

  • 10. Faculty and Staff  Expand dropdown

    Let's hear it for the best faculty and staff around. Providing the support and guidance you can count on for the education you need for a bright future.

    "Friendly Staff" - Darlene Echols '95
    "Eastern Michigan University President Susan Martin has been the best administrator over the last few years. Her long term vision for the school has been historic....." - Paul C Spitale '55

  • 9. Sports Expand dropdown

    Win or lose, we are always there to show our pride and cheer on our team. Go Green! Go White!

    "Football & Basketball Games" - Jennifer Giovia Hunt '08

  • 8. Classmates and Friends Expand dropdown

    Creating life long friendships.

    "Friendly classmates" - Darlene Echols '95

  • 7. Campus and Buildings Expand dropdown

    Taking a stroll around campus and enjoying all the architectural beauty EMU has to offer.

    "Walking campus at night with my boyfriend/now husband" - Jennifer Giovia Hunt '08

  • 6. Autumn on Campus  Expand dropdown

    Always a beautiful time in Michigan and EMU. Complete with amazing colors, tasty cider, and EMU football!

    "Fall nights, drinking hot apple cider on the front porch and going to football games." - Mallory Apel '13

  • 5. Degree Programs Expand dropdown

    200 undergraduate degree programs and 170 graduate degree programs to choose from, you can shape your future anyway you want. Multiple locations and class times, convenience is key.

    "The excellent education I received in the College of Education. I felt prepared to enter my career, when many of my first year colleagues from "bigger" schools did not!" -Laurel Mixson Schulert '07

  • 4. The Water Tower Expand dropdown

    Everyone knows about it!

  • 3. Homecoming Expand dropdown

    One weekend every year where we can relive what we loved about EMU, and to show our pride by wearing our green and white!

    "Football and Basketball games, especially homecoming." - Marc Carnacchi '12

  • 2. Ypsilanti Expand dropdown

    Ypsi is a city rich in history. There is no better place to visit.

    "Depot Town is a must" - Roberta Bowling '04.

    "Nights at Sticks/Aubrees with friends." - Marc Carnacchi '12.

    "Sidetracks, I miss those burgers and deep fried pickles." - Mallory Apel '13

    "Hungry Charlies...we used to call it "Chucks." - Robert Vriesman '75

    "Double Eagle Coney Island! They were open 24 hours and I had some great late nights there!" - Emilie Lewandowski '09

  • 1. EMU is Home Expand dropdown
    "I love that no matter where you come from or where you end up going, when you are at EMU you are home."
    - Mallory Apel '13