Aisha Tahir

It was in second grade that Aisha Tahir decided she wanted to be a teacher. Now, she is a class of 2020 EMU graduate and has a degree in Secondary Education, Language, Literature, and Writing. 

After earning a scholarship, Aisha was on her way to achieving her dream job.

“I was very fortunate while coming to EMU as I had a scholarship that paid my entire tuition for 4 years,” says Aisha. “This privilege allowed me to go through college without breaks, take all the classes I needed without a second thought, and graduate when I had expected.”

Aisha hopes that people will continue to give and support future teachers such as herself, because she knows, first hand, how much financial support can make a difference in a student's life. 

“I know the weight that this blessing holds, and I am forever grateful that my journey allowed me to go through college and graduate without having to worry about paying back loans,” Aisha says. “Because of this, I would hope that more scholarships and funding can be in place for students who do not have the same privilege as I did.”

Not only did her scholarship leave a positive impact on Aisha, but so did many of EMU’s professors. Aisha describes these educators as “amazing” and says that they are people who “genuinely care about their job and guiding students.” Even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, her professors were able to create a strong connection that she carried into her teaching career.

“Although no one could ever prepare for the pandemic that we are in now, and its effect on educators, students, and education as a whole, I was able to take the beautiful core values with me into my first year of teaching. Core values such as building meaningful relationships with students and engaging them with the curriculum,” explains Aisha.

After becoming a teacher, Aisha has learned that they are often looked to for all answers to life’s questions. And, she realizes that it is not plausible to know everything. So, she hopes to alleviate some pressures by sharing advice. It is the “greatest thing” that Aisha learned from EMU, and wants all current and future educators to know:

“It all starts with a little laugh and lots of love. Start there. Always,” says Aisha. “If you’re lost, laugh a little and give love. Our students, our families, and our bodies/minds deserve that love. It is okay to not know everything, as long as you continue to put positivity in the world.”

If you would like to support teachers like Aisha, please consider making a gift in their name here. Thank you Aisha for your hard work and dedication to changing the lives of young people!