Andrea Bogardus

In the year 2000, Andrea Bogardus received a social work degree from EMU. However, not long after, she decided she wanted more one-on-one time with others, rather than working behind a desk. This prompted Andrea to go back to school at EMU and earn a BSN, as part of the second-degree nursing program, in 2012. She described this as “the best decision of her life."

Andrea has worked as a nurse at the University of California, San Diego Health, in the Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit, since 2013. Excelling in her profession, Andrea has been nominated for “Nurse of the Year,” three times and has won the title “Nurse of the Year for Clinical Exemplary Professional Practice,” in 2017. 

Her background at EMU has allowed her to succeed and Andrea is very thankful for those who helped her along the way. 

“I am grateful to my EMU education and my instructors,” says Andrea. “Both Michael Williams and Laurie Blondy have stood out in my education. Not only did they prepare me for work as a bedside nurse, but they also encouraged me to seek out the latest evidence-based research and work to improve my environment.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, her passion for her job was heightened when she saw just how important her role is. Andrea has cited many of her amazing attributions, throughout the pandemic, to specific points in her education journey at EMU.

“[An] EMU clinical experience that stands out is my Community Nursing class, with Marty Raymond,” Andrea says. “I still talk about how this clinical prepared me to see the community and health needs...All the vaccines I administered at the Juvenile Detention Facility provided me with the opportunity to become the ‘flu champion’ on my unit, giving flu vaccines.”

Andrea finds her job beyond fulfilling, as the help she can provide to her patients is immensely rewarding to her.

“The joy felt at the vaccine clinics, cannot be expressed in words,” says Andrea. “Had I not been a nurse, I would not have experienced this ultimate high! Even during a global pandemic, I would choose to be a nurse. Being a nurse is not just my career, it is who I am...I am grateful to Eastern Michigan University for providing me with the foundation to be the nurse I am today," she says.

To support nurses like Andrea in honor of Nurses Appreciation Week, please visit our crowdfunding site. Thank you, Andrea, for your service during these unprecedented times.