CaShawnna Ramsey

After recently graduating from Eastern Michigan University on April 25, 2021, CaShawnna Ramsey has finally fulfilled her dream of becoming an educator. 

“As a young girl, I always admired the hard work that educators dealt with especially in the city that I was raised in,” CaShawnna says. “Now here I am, years later, receiving my very own teaching degree!”

From a young age, CaShawnna has aspired to become a teacher, as she was positively influenced by those who taught her. 

“My inspiration to become an educator came from the opportunity of having many amazing black educators, both men, and women from a very young age,” CaShawnna says. “I can recall my favorite memory in 3rd grade with my math teacher Mrs. Lee; she was a very feisty yet soft woman.”

Throughout her time at EMU, CaShawnna has received more than four scholarships based on her academics, and the Pell Grant, which helped fund her educational journey. 

To add to her list of accomplishments, she is currently working at Ypsilanti Community Schools, as a math intervention teacher in Washtenaw International High School and Middle Academy, all while student teaching.

Though she has a lot on her plate, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which she said only amplified her learning experience, CaShawnna is thankful for her opportunities and the background EMU has given her. 

“Even though these times have been stressful, I'm truly grateful for the opportunities that I've had in both of my student teaching placements as well as the many opportunities I've had throughout Eastern,” says CaShawnna. “Honestly, because of my experiences, I do think that I am capable and ready to take over my own classroom, hopefully in the fall.”

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