Police Staff and Command

Eastern Michigan University's School of Police Staff and Command has a reputation for excellence, and is supported by quality instructors and law enforcement professionals who make up the foundation of this unique educational/training program.

This excellence is supported through comments from graduates who have stated publicly that the knowledge, skills and abilities learned assisted them in:

  • Problem analysis
  • Management situations
  • Project management
  • Grant funding projects
  • Managing fiscal budgets
  • Managing personnel matters

College Credit

The School's of Staff and Command offer the option of university credit. This credit may be applied as undergraduate (18 credit hours) or graduate (12 credit hours) dependent upon the student's academic standing. These credits are transcript hours and are fully transferable to other colleges and universities. Email here for a Current Course listing. Costs are the responsibility of each participant who elects this credit option. These costs are based on Eastern Michigan University's course fee schedule.