Equipment Information

  • Chromatography

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    • Gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer
    • Preparative and analytical Gas Chromatographs (2)
    • Gel Permeation chromatograph/High performance liquid chromatograph
  • Spectroscopy

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    • Nicolet Fourier transform infrared spectrometer with microscope
    • Superconducting-magnet nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (multinuclear)
    • Jasco UV-Visible spectrometer
    • Colorimeter System 48582 colorimeter
    • Near-infrared moisture meter (Kett)
    • Variable angle classic light scattering spectrophotometer
  • Thermal Analysis

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    • Modulated differential scanning calorimeter (Q-1000)
    • TGA with Mass Spectrometer detector (Q-500)
    • Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (Q-800)
    • Calorimeters
    • Rhopoint MFFT Bar 90
    • Dipole Limited TDS 2.1 dielectric reflection spectrometer
  • Rheology

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    • Brookfield Viscometer
    • Parr Physica LS 100 Rheometer
    • Bohlin VOR Rheometer
  • Mechanical Properties

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    • Instron Tesile tester
    • Microhardness (Tukon)
    • Abrasion tester
    • Nano-Identer/Scratcher (XP of MTS)
    • Film Formation Analyzer by Adaptive Speckle Imaging Interferometry
    • DT-BK3 Mechanical Recorders
  • Impedance

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    • Localized Electrochemical Impedance Spectrophotometer-270 (PAR)
    • GAMRY AC Impedance Instrument with multiplexor for four cells
    • GAMRY DC Impedance Instrument with multiplexor for four cells
  • Microscopy

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    • Scanning probe microscope (SPM), Digital Instruments Nano IIIa
    • Carl Zeiss research grade optical microscope and Mettler hot stage
    • Hitachi SEM and IXRF EDX system with x-ray tube
    • Zeiss ConFocal Microscope
  • Particle Characterization

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    • Malvern Zeta Sizer (PCS-based particle sizer and electrokinetic mobility analyzer)
    • Particle-size analyzer (Microtrac UPA)
    • 90 Plus Particle Sizer (Brookhaven Instruments Corporation)
    • Capillary Hydrodynamic Fractionation particle size analyzer (Maytec Applied Sciences CHDF-2000)
    • BET gas-adsorption surface area analysis system
    • Rank Brothers Microelectrophoresis system
    • Electric birefringence apparatus and particle classifier
  • Surface Characterization

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    • Dynometer
    • FTA-200 Dynamic Contact Angle Analyzer with Tilt Stage and environmental chamber
  • Coatings Applications and Process Equipment

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    • Pigment dispersion equipment (sand mill, Cowles, high-speed disk, ball mill)
    • Spray equipment (conventional, airless, electrostatic, powder)
    • Spin Coater
    • Electrodeposition equipment
    • Medium-pressure UV curing equipment (Fusion 300S)
  • Accelerated Testing

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    • Prohesion cabinet
    • Cleveland humidity cabinet
    • Q-UV tester cabinets
    • Constant Temperature-humidity oven
  • Miscellaneous Equipment

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    • Hewlett Packard LCR meter
    • Nicolet Digital Oscilloscope
    • Cahn Vacuum Electrobalance system
    • Radiometer Copenhagen Autotitration system
    • Macbeth Spectralight Dual Luminaire
    • Brinkman RotaVapor
    • Steam Generator

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