About Us


Coatings Research Institute (CRI) was founded in 1985 and performed contract and grant research by the resident faculties. In 1990, Eastern Michigan University obtained a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to establish a new Industry/University Research Center (I/UCRC) in Coatings. In 1993, the Surface Science Research Center was established.

CRI is dedicated to providing solutions to some of the tough problems facing the coatings industry. The Institute's competencies include:

  • Polymer synthesis, modification, characterization and testing.
  • Coating formulation, modification and evaluation.
  • Fundamental research in material science: polymers, coatings, nanomaterials and technology.
  • Raw material evaluation and new product development.
  • Problem solving, failure analysis and process improvement.
  • Professional development and training in all aspects of coatings and raw materials.
  • Product analysis and characterization

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