Emad Y. Tanbour

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Office Hours

Mondays - 10:00-11:00 am
Tuesdays - 1:00-4:00 pm
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  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology

Professional Summary

  • Assistant Professor, September 2016 - present

Dr. Emad Tanbour has more than 24 years of combined experience in mechanical engineering in both academia and industry. His industry experience spans over 18 years in the areas of product development, energy efficient appliances and sustainability, thermal systems design and engineering management. He is an expert researcher in industry and had been leading industry-academia funded research since 1997. Dr. Tanbour is an innovator with over 13 US pending and issued patents all of which resulted in products sold in North America. Most of his innovations are in the field of sustainable design of domestic and commercial appliances. Dr. Tanbour has advanced knowledge of computer aided engineering, CFD and computational mechanics. He is an expert user and trainer of computer aided design using solid modeling. He has conducted research in the areas of heat transfer, thermal-fluids, and energy systems and led many years of research and development projects in the interdisciplinary areas of mechanical engineering. He received his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and ranked third over his cohort and received full scholarship to pursue graduate studies towards his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Iowa. During his studies at Iowa, Dr. Tanbour led the thermal design of all control circuits for NASA Cassini spacecraft that was launched to Saturn. Dr. Tanbour is the recipient of Arch T. Colwell Award from Society of Automotive Engineers and had served for five years as an ABET industry consultant. He also received EMBA training courses at the University of Iowa.

Interests and Expertise

  • CAE
  • Virtual reality
  • Product development
  • Thermofluids
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Engineering education and assessment

Courses Taught

  • IET 454: Machine Design
  • IET 279: Applied Statics
  • EGR 251: Engineering Statics
  • IET 499: Industrial Projects Capstone
  • EGR 356: Thermodynamics I
  • IET 352: Applied Fluid Mechanics
  • IET 501: Industrial Management (Graduate online)
  • IET 524: Technology and the Environment (Graduate online)
  • IET 680: Sustainability and Green Technology (Graduate online)

Selected Presentations

  • Oumar Barry and Emadeddin Tanbour, Resonant Frequencies of Perforated Plates with Rectangular Slots, accepted for publication in the Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, UK Institute of Mechanical Engineers, August, 2016, manuscript ID is JMES-16-0518.R1
  • N.K. Vaja, O.R. Barry, E.Y. Tanbour, On the dynamic modeling and analysis of an asymmetric Stockbridge damper, Accepted for publication and presentation in SEMC 2016: The 6th International Conference On Structural Engineering, Mechanics And Computation, September 5–7, 2016, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Emadeddin Y. Tanbour and Oumar R. Barry, Free Vibration of flame Arrestors: Theoretical and Numerical Analysis, submitted to AMSE Journal of Vibrations and Acoustics, September, 2015
  • Emad Tanbour and Suleiman Ashur, Gap Analysis of Engineering Course Learning Outcomes using NCEES FE Exam, accepted for publication and presentations ASME 2015 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Huston, Texas Nov. 1319, 2015
  • Emadeddin Y. Tanbour, Molu Olumolade and Oumar R. Barry, Newly Introduced Capstone Design Course for Mechanical Engineering Technology – Lessons Learned From Two Cohorts and Two Types of Projects, presented at the 123rd ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. June 2629, 2016 New Orleans, LA
  • E. Y. Tanbour, Design Optimization and Frequency Analysis of Blast Resistant Doors for 30 G-Force Rating, Canadian Journal on Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, vol. 2, No. 7, November, 2011, pp. 157162
  • M. F. Alzoubi, E. Y. Tanbour and R. Al-Waked, Compression and Hysteresis Curves of Nonlinear Polyurethane Foams under Different Densities, Strain Rates and Different Environmental Conditions. Accepted for publication and will appear in: Proceedings of IMECE11 2011 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition November 1117, 2011, Denver, Colorado, USA
  • E. Y. Tanbour, "Institutional Effectiveness, The Point Of View Of Southern Association Of Colleges And Schools (SACS)," Presented in the conference of the Vice Rectors for Quality in Saudi Universities, King Saud University, February 2728, 2011
  • Emad Y. Tanbour, Rafat Al-Waked and Mohamed F. Alzoubi, Experimental Study of a Waste Heat Recovery System for Supplemental Heater, proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Energy and Sustainability, April 1113, 2011, Alicante, Spain
  • Ramin K. Rahmani, Anahita Ayasoufi, Emad Y. Tanbour and Hosein Molavi, "Enhancement of Temperature Blending in Convective Heat Transfer by Motionless Inserts With Variable Segment Length" Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, September, 2010, Vol. 2
  • Ramin K. Rahmani, Emad Y. Tanbour, Anahita Ayasoufi and Hosein Molavi, "Enhancement of Convective Heat Transfer in Internal Compressible Flows by Stationary Inserts" Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications March, 2010, Vol. 2

Patents / Awards / Grants

  • US Patent Number 1D607094, Air intake for water heater
  • US Patent Number 2D614680, Sight glass and frame
  • US Patent Number 38596226, Water heater burner tube and door assembly
  • US Patent Number 48490580, Water heaters with sealed door assembly
  • US Patent Number 56848441, Apparatus and method for cooling a surface of a fireplace (also issued by WIPO)
  • US 20090308332, Water Heater with Forced Draft Air Inlet
  • US 20100065203, Sealable Water Heater Manifold Doors
  • US 20090084328, Water Heaters with Combustion Air Inlet
  • US 20100101510, Water Heaters with Sealed Door Assembly
  • US 20100101507, Water Heaters with Fuel Line and Door Assembly
  • US 20100101509, Water Heaters with Sealed Door Assemblies
  • Two patents are in process through Central Michigan University in the area of vibration damping

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

  • Member of the founding body at Aramco Combustion Institute - Chapter, 2010present
  • Professional Member of the American Society of Metals (ASM), 2004present.
  • Member of Combustion Institute, 1998present.
  • Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 1992present.
  • Member of Jordan Society of Engineers, Mechanical Engineering, 1987present.
  • Member of the Pioneers' Committee, American Institute of Sustainable Science and Technology, UI Oakdale Research Campus, Iowa City, Iowa, 1999present
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Digital Human Lab-Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD), The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, 2000present

Additional Information

In January 2014, Dr. Tanbour joined Central Michigan University (CMU) as a visiting scholar and he is serving as tenure track assistant professor of mechanical engineering technology since July 2014. During his first year at Central Michigan University, Dr. Tanbour taught engineering mechanics courses for both engineering and engineering technology majors, thermodynamic for ME major, applied fluid mechanics, machine design and capstone projects for senior engineering technology cohort. He is also serving on the SET Graduate Committee where he led the process to develop the assessment plan for the new Master of Science in Engineering. Dr. Tanbour is building state of the art virtual reality laboratory at CMU which currently employs three undergraduate students from SET. He is contributing to MET Assessment Committee and is currently serving as MET Program Coordinator. During the spring of 2015 and of 2016, Dr. Tanbour taught the Senior Capstone Industrial Design course for all BSET graduating seniors where he managed to attract three externally sponsored design projects (2015) and five externally sponsored projects (2016). Dr. Tanbour is active in research and has published in engineering education conferences (ASEE and ASME), and mechanical engineering periodicals and conferences.

In 2009, Dr. Emad Tanbour joined Prince M. B. Fahd University (PMU) faculty of mechanical engineering. He has led the university strategic plans to achieve total quality assurance. He served as senior advisor to the rector on accreditation and was promoted to dean of quality and accreditation reporting directly to the rector.

During 2005 to 2009, Dr. Tanbour managed product development engineering for Whirlpool and AO Smith water heaters. He led the development of several energy efficient residential water heaters. He was successful in developing the world first ultra-low NOX water heater and the production of many DOE-rated Energy Star power-vented water heaters. His experience included utilization of CFD and state of the art CAD deployment through the industry. He also established industry-largest development and reliability labs for residential water heaters at Whirlpool.

During 1997 to 2005, Dr. Tanbour worked as research and development senior manager at HNI Corporate Technical Center, the second largest manufacturer of office furniture and hearth systems in North America. He led research and development projects utilizing computational mechanics and founded the Hearth Lab at the corporate center. His eight years at HNI included numerous industry-academia funded research projects and strong collaboration relationship with the University Of Iowa College Of Engineering and the Center for Computer Aided Design. During the same period, Dr. Tanbour was active in service in the State of Iowa where he served as co-chair to advanced technical training at the Iowa Department of Economic Development and several industry-academia service capacities.

During 1993 to 1997, Dr. Tanbour was leading Gail Industry high pressure pumps manufacturing where he successfully developed hydrostatic testing piston pumps and mud pumps for oil and gas operations in California and Texas.

Dr. Tanbour has a proven teaching and research record. He served as adjunct assistant professor at the University of Iowa (2000 to 2005) teaching undergraduate and graduate mechanical engineering curriculum and as full time faculty (2009–2013) at Prince M. B. Fahd University. He was principal investigator in several HNI - U of Iowa funded research projects. He managed to secure $300,000 seed funding of the virtual reality lab jointly at HNI/Allsteel and U of Iowa. This seed funding attracted over $18 million in research grants over the past 10 years to the Center for Computer Aided Design at Iowa where he is still an affiliate research scholar. His record of service and research is evident in the list of publications in thermo- fluids and interdisciplinary mechanical engineering. Dr. Tanbour is still active in consulting projects for manufacturers in KSA and USA in the area of mechanical engineering design.