Mission Statement and Vision Model


The GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology cultivates the intellectual and personal growth of diverse individuals through research-informed education and diverse programs that emphasize practical application of scientific knowledge.

  • CET fosters a welcoming, collaborative environment between students, faculty, industry, professions and the community.
  • CET programs emphasize innovative, interdisciplinary relationships between theory and practice in a global economy.
  • CET graduates technologically knowledgeable lifelong learners and problem solvers, who strive to improve organizations, communities, and societies – locally and globally.


We will be a world-class model for educating graduates who are ready to begin or advance their professional careers through a collaborative, project-focused, interdisciplinary education in applied technology, management and design. We will strengthen and expand partnerships with industry, professions and the global community in our teaching, service and scholarly activities.


Student Engagement and Success

  • Goal 1: Increase the opportunities for experiential learning for faculty and students
  • Goal 2: Programs should include collaborative interdisciplinary project courses
  • Goal 3: Educate graduates ready to begin or advance their professional careers

High Performing Academic Programs and Quality Research

  • Goal 1: Increase the number of sponsored contracts and grants
  • Goal 2: Incorporate Project-Based Learning [PBL] on interdisciplinary projects with external partners.
  • Goal 3: Ensure that there are processes in place to identify programs to be created, expanded and maintained
  • Goal 4: Ensure that there are processes in place to support programs

Service and Engagement

  • Goal 1: Expand the number of partnerships (project, classroom, research and service)
  • Goal 2: Increase the quality and level of involvement of faculty with existing partnerships.


  • Goal 1: Support learning environment that fosters innovations
  • Goal 2: Establish innovation as a curriculum core concept, common to all programs
  • Goal 3: Infuse innovation at all curriculum levels of each program

College/Institutional Effectiveness

  • Goal 1: Create organizational structure that enhances the synergy between internal and external programs
  • Goal 2: Recruit staff to support programs and to achieve college goals

*These goals are not prioritized in any particular order

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