School of Health Promotion & Human Performance

318 Everett L. Marshall Building
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

PEGN Course Offerings

Discover the Social, Emotional and Physical Benefits of PEGN Physical Activity Classes

Do you need a one- or two-credit course?

All PEGN classes fulfill the Area V-Group A (Self and Well Being) General Education Requirement for students.

Benefits of Physical Activity Classes

  • Large variety of classes—something for everyone!
  • Eight credits of PEGN courses can be used to meet a graduation requirement.
  • You can take each PEGN activity course two times each (same course) and receive credit each time.
  • All levels and abilities welcome.
  • Convenient schedules: weekend-only classes; six-week classes; classes starting late in the semester; on and off campus.
  • Learn about health and fitness—get active!


Contact Jean Foster at [email protected]

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