Brenda A. Riemer

A photo of Brenda Riemer

Graduate Program Coordinator and Professor

Health Promotion and Human Performance; Women's and Gender Studies

318N Porter


[email protected]


  • Ph.D., Kinesiology, Michigan State University, 1995
  • MS, Kinesiology, University of Illinois, 1986
  • BS, Kinesiology, UCLA, 1982


Dr. Riemer is a Professor in the School of Health Promotion and Human Performance and is the graduate coordinator for Sport Management.  She has been at EMU since 2005 and is a faculty affiliate for the Women's and Gender Studies Department. Her research areas include gender/sexuality and sport, professional mentoring and goal orientations of sport volunteers and participants. Her current research focuses on how current student athletes interpret Title IX, and how women entrepreneurs are surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. She has earned the Marshall Service award given by the College of Health and Human Services.


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  • Riemer, B.A. & Zonder, E.J. (2016, November).  The Ethics of Coaching “Whales”.  Presented  at the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, Tampa, FL.



  • SMGT 255 Sport Leadership
  • SMGT 265 Sport Sociology
  • SMGT 425 Diversity in Sport Organizations
  • WGST 202 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality


  • SMGT 502 Introduction to Athletic Administration
  • SMGT 562 Facilities Planning and Management
  • SMGT 566 Financial Administration of Physical Education and Athletics
  • SMGT 560 Sport Ethics
  • SMGT 567  Sport in American Society
  • PHED 665 Sport and Exercise Psychology