• What are the admission requirements?
    You can find the admission requirements on the course catalog page.  
  • How can I find out more about the program?
    We host informational sessions multiple times throughout the year. Virtual attendance is always available if you are unable to come to campus.  Check the Activities page for details. 
  • Do I need to submit applications to both Eastern Michigan University and OPCAS?
    No. All applications are processed through OPCAS
  • Where should I send my transcripts?
    [email protected] or EMU Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 970, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.
  • Do I need to complete the background check before applying?

    No, but you will need a clean background check before starting your clinical rotations. We want to make certain applicants know this when applying.

  • Is an interview required for the application?

    EMU believes in a holistic admissions process because personal skills are just as important as academic skills in the healthcare environment.  Part of the admissions process is an online assessment that is offered to every candidate who meets the minimum GPA for admission (3.0). A link to the online assessment is sent after the OPCAS application is complete. Applications will not be reviewed for admission until the online assessment is complete.

    The online assessment is an asynchronous video assessment where candidates will see videos of faculty asking questions and then applicants record video or written responses. 

  • Are there special requirements for international applications?
  • How much is tuition for the O&P program?

     There are two tuition rates for the O&P Program: Domestic (US residents) and International (non-US residents). As of Fall 2023, there is no longer a resident rate difference for Michigan and non-Michigan US residents.

    To calculate the current tuition for the program, use the Tuition Calculator and select the following options:

    1. Course Levels: "Graduate"
    2. Residency Status: "Resident - Michigan" (all US applicants) or "Non-US Resident" (international applicants)
    3. Credits: 60 (for the entire 2 year program)
    4. Course Level: 500-699
    5. Type: On-Campus
    6. Program: Health and Human Services

    *Please note, this is the current academic year tuition rates, and is subject to change each academic year. In addition, this calculation is only for tuition, it does NOT include fees, books, housing, or any other fees or costs associated with enrollment. It is only the cost of tuition.