IPE Faculty Scholars

The Scholars Program creates an intentional venue for peer learning about IPE. Together, the scholars receive training about the integration of IPE into existing curricula, and subsequently they will work collaboratively to design IPE learning experiences for students within and among their disciplines. When scholars complete the program, they will assume IPE leadership roles within CHHS.

Recipients of the award are expected to participate in:

  • A three-day summer IPE Faculty development workshop
  • A semester-long seminar of sharing, exploring, planning and implementing IPE initiatives
  • The planning and implementation of future IPE initiatives


Interested in becoming a College of Health and Human Services Interprofessional Education Faculty Scholar?

Completed applications [PDF] are due to Chris Karshin by the beginning of February. 

IPE Faculty Scholars 

  • 2017 

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    • D. Crystal Coles, School of Social Work 
    • Jillian Graves, School of Social Work
    • Diane Fox, School of Nursing
    • Vicki Washington, School of Nursing 
    • Sarah Walsh, Public Health/Health Administration and School of Health Science
    • John Sonnega, Public Health/Health Education and School of Health Promotion and Human Performance
  • 2016

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    • Deborah Collins-Bohler, School of Nursing
    • Jennifer Farley, School of Social Work
    • Julie Harkema, School of Social Work
    • Holly Hopkins, School of Nursing
    • Angie Mann-Williams, School of Social Work
    • Janet Okagbue-Reaves, School of Social Work
    • Sandra Pernecky, Dietetics and Human Nutrition, School of Health Sciences
    • Peggy Trewn, School of Nursing
    • Pamela Walsh, Health Administration, School of Health Sciences
  • 2015

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    • Tana Bridge, School of Social Work
    • Jenni Hoffman, School of Nursing
    • Heather Hutchins-Wiese, Dietetics and Human Nutrition, School of Health Science
    • Julie Jahn, Physical Education, School of Health Promotion and Human Performance
    • Jacob Lindquist, Orthotics and Prosthetics, School of Health Promotion and Human Performance
    • Linda Myler, School of Nursing
    • Kathleen Seurynck, School of Nursing
    • Stephanie Wladkowski, School of Social Work
    • Andrea Zakrajsek, Occupational Therapy, School of Health Sciences
  • 2014

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    • Judi Brooks, Dietetics and Human Nutrition, School of Health Sciences
    • Lynne Shetron-Rama, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, School of Health Sciences
    • Debi Silverman, Dietetics and Human Nutrition, School of Health Sciences
    • Beverly Mihalko, Health Administration, School of Health Sciences
    • Amy Lamb, Occupational Therapy, School of Health Sciences
    • Enos Massie, School of Social Work
    • San Restaino, School of Nursing

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